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I am not going in anyone's direction on what abstract art should be because there are no rules. For over 40 years abstracts have been my passion.

The direction I follow is to use memories and emotions to create an explosion of color and design. My work has strengthened over the years to become more dramatic, yet retains the rich vibrant colors I see everywhere.

My passion and experience in all the arts, theater, music, dance as well as visual arts is the most significant impetus in all my creations. Yes, struggles, tears, and defeats are also expressed, yet seldom over-shadow the joy of life.

No matter what the future holds in this economy and with turmoil all over the world, we must hold up our heads and go on. Without art there is nothing!


If you wish to purchase any of Rusty's paintings, please contact her for prices, availability & shipping details and she will get back to you shortly.


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