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Bracelet Holders

Rod Puppets
Shellscapes are 3D collages of sea shells, flowers, pearls, beads, glitter, etc. with a painted background on canvas. Each shellscape has its own individual personality with a brilliant eye catching composition created by Rusty Wahl's skill and love of design, color and imagination. No two are identical and cannot be duplicated, so you own a one of a kind, if you purchase one. They make a bold statement hanging in hallways, offices, boutique shops, beauty salons or any room in your home. Each piece comes with a white or black frame. Rusty's inspiration comes from being raised in south Florida. She loves the ocean, sea creatures, palm trees and the islands leading the way to Key West. So create a dynamic environment wherever you hang them, and don't forget what a stunning gift a Shellscape makes for Grandma and friends.

Green Shellscape 13x16"

Lavender Shellscape 14x17"

Aqua/Orange Shellscape 12x12"

Green/Orange Shellscape 16x16"

Black Shellscape 16x16"

Blue Shellscape 12x12"

Aqua Large Shellscape 17x21"

Shellscape with Painted Dolphin 20x20"

Bracelet Holders:
Organize your favorite bracelets with this unique arty creation by Rusty.

Looks fantastic on your dressing room table. Decorated with shells,beads,flowers and a featured ornament, the 11 inch tall plexiglass stand with a wooden dowel, makes a statement. WHAT A Gift !

Plexi Bracelet Holders are $25 plus shipping.


Blue Plexi Bracelet Holder

Brown Plexi Bracelet Holder

Green Plexi Bracelet Holder

Aqua Plexi Bracelet Holder

Purple Plexi Bracelet Holder
Rod Puppets:
These beautiful rod puppets will delight children of all ages and adults also. Grandpa can become a king by adding a crown. The prince can be any young man even Romeo. With a flashy jacket and a guitar around his neck, he became a rock star in Rusty's puppet shows. Inquire about wigs that come in several colors for your characters. They start at $5.00 each.

Grandpa/King Rod Puppet
$100 plus shipping

Queen Rod Puppet
$100 plus shipping

Prince Rod Puppet
$100 plus shipping

Kathy Rod Puppet
$100 plus shipping

Peggy Rod Puppet
$100 plus shipping

If you wish to purchase any of Rusty's gift items, please contact her for prices, availability & shipping details, and she will get back to you shortly.


Artist's Bio


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